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Captain's Charity 2023

Each year the incoming Captains nominate their chosen charity(ies). Over the years, very worthy local and national charities have received thousands of pounds worth of donations. 

For 2023 the Captains’ Charities are Against Breast Cancer and Mary Ann Evans Hospice.


Against Breast Cancer (ABC) funds ground breaking cancer research to increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis and gets full support from Lady Captain - Karen Hockey. 

The focus being preventing secondary spread, the main cause of breast cancer related deaths.  ABCs unique approach is to do this by focusing on three key areas: prevention, detection and therapies.

Prevention: how diet and lifestyle may increase or reduce your risk of developing secondary breast cancer, providing sound, evidence-based advice relevant to a UK population.

Detection: how to design better tools for earlier diagnosis of secondary breast cancer to increase survival rates.

Therapies: how the body’s natural defences could be harnessed to design more effective treatments and ultimately a vaccine against breast cancer.

Well-known celebrities who have fought and recovered from Breast Cancer include Kylie Minogue (age 36), Cynthia Nixon (age 40), Rita Wilson (age 59) and Maggie Smith (age 73).  In August 2022 Sarah Beeny (age 50) was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the 55,200 people who receive the same news every year.  

It’s rare, but it’s there… Approximately 420 men in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.  That’s just over 1 man diagnosed every day.  Remember, being breast aware means getting to know your breasts; how they look and what they normally feel like; and knowing what breast cancer symptoms to look out for. 

 “Why Breast Cancer… well my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and went on to have a mastectomy as that was the only option open to her; it was October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month).  Not too long afterwards a dear friend of mine was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer...  she has been clear for 5 years and now and has regular mammograms.  Yes, my friend was one of the lucky ones as they found it early.  A positive attitude, she believes helps and doesn’t feel beaten by anything.  Her advice is not to hide it, as her friends and work colleagues got her through.  Never give up!”

Karen Hockey - Lady Captain


Mary Ann Evans Hospice is a local charity working with families across Warwickshire providing palliative care and bereavement support.
As a community-based hospice, they provide care directly into the homes of patients allowing them to be with their friends and family until the end of their life.

All their services are free for patients and their families or carers, however, there is a significant cost involved in providing the wide range of care.

It costs around £2.5 million a year to run Mary Ann but they receive less than 30% of funding from the NHS and Commissioners.
This means they rely on donations and fundraising to cover over £1.8 million per year. That is £5000 they need to raise every single day.

The support they receive from the local communities makes a huge difference and enables them to continue to provide exceptional care and support for patients and their families.

My late father, a past captain of Nuneaton Golf Club, enjoyed the care provided by the hospice during his fight with Parkinson’s and Dementia. It is a comfort to know that there is a caring environment on our doorstep for our loved one’s if the need should arise.

Mary Anne Evans Hospice is predominantly volunteer lead in the Day Hospice, in the Hospice Shops, in the Fundraising Department and at fundraising events. Volunteers also transport Patients to and from the Hospice as well as driving the Hospice minibus and help in the garden and offer bereavement support.

If after reading this you are interested in volunteering visit the link below to find out about current volunteer positions.

Lee Wright - Club Captain