Nuneaton Golf Club
Nuneaton Golf Club
Nuneaton Golf Club

Dress Code

Nuneaton Golf Club is a forward thinking and progressive Golf Club, we consider that appropriate behaviour both in the clubhouse and on the Golf Course is more important than dictating how an individual should be dressed. We take a modern approach to Dress Code and hope that members, visitors, and guests will assist in maintaining standards expected.

Golf Course & Practice Facilities

On the Golf Course we do accept fashion changes very quickly and our current guideline is, very simply, that any recognised golfing apparel that can be purchased from a professional golf retail outlet is acceptable.

Socks of any variety are fine. Golf shorts or skirts should be tailored but cargo shorts are not, as yet, deemed to be “golfing apparel”.

Please note all golfing shirts and t-shirts are to be tucked in when on the course and practice facilities. 

Clubhouse & Balcony

Smart casual clothing, including denim, is acceptable in the Clubhouse. We ask that any caps or head gear are removed before entering the main clubhouse

Clean golf shoes (spikeless) can be worn indoors, and we also ask that you change out of any dirty, wet or waterproof clothing before entering the Clubhouse. Modern casual shoes are permitted including smart trainers, sandals, loafers and deck shoes. Socks are optional.