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Nuneaton Golf Club
Nuneaton Golf Club

Management Committee Mission Statement

As part of the Management Committee’s commitment to ensuring the Club moves forward positively and continues to grow, a Mission Statement has been developed to provide members with a guiding set of principles and objectives that the Management Committee have committed to actively working towards. 

(last updated February 2023)


The Management Committee are committed to creating:

  1. ‘A Golf Club with a modern and progressive attitude which operates on solid financial foundations’

  • - Embracing technology and new ideas within the industry for the benefit of the Club
  • - Data driven approach to decision making
  • - Principle of taking decisions that benefit the majority of members and not the minority
  • - Focus on ensuring financial stability and planning for long term growth
  • - Dynamic approach to marketing and attraction


  1. ‘A Golf Club striving to offer first class facilities both on and off course through a commitment to continued and regular investment that can be organically sourced’

  • - Long term development plans for investment and growth in the Club
  • - Machinery renewal and investment programme
  • - A membership fee structure that offers value but reflects the quality of the facilities and takes into account the Club’s direct competitors
  • - Willingness to embrace new opportunities in order to develop new income streams


  1. ‘A Golf Club with a modern and fair governance structure that includes a zero tolerance approach to abuse and harassment of members, staff, guests and visitors in order to create a welcoming and enjoyable venue to play golf’

  • - Rules fit for purpose that comply with English Law and Golf’s Governing Bodies
  • - A structure able to adapt to the changing landscape of modern day Golf Clubs
  • - Straight forward and clear set of guidelines and expectations
  • - Commitment to ensure incidents of bullying and abuse are dealt with appropriately
  • - A venue fit for purpose to create a welcoming atmosphere